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India: ”Building a society of peace, justice, dignity, and rights”

In what ways does the worldwide church make itself visible and known where you are? This was the question we asked people in different countries and continents for the Uppdrag Mission that celebrates the 150 years of international work and commitment now known as Act Svenska kyrkan. Joycia Thorat, theologian, working with gender projects all over India, activist and fighter for justice, answered the question like this. Thank you, Joycia!


Joycia Thorat at the General Assembly of the Word Council of Churches, Karlsruhe, 2022. Photo: Paul Jeffrey, WCC

The love, solidarity, and support we Christians and the church institutions in India provide to our vulnerable communities makes the worldwide church visible and makes known where I am living.

Also for those whose basic needs are not fulfilles and those whose dignity and rights are violated, the Indian church works to build a society of peace, justice, dignity, and rights without leaving anyone behind. The solidarity and support the worldwide church provides to the most marginalized and vulnerable people, like the Dalits,  tribals, LGBTQIA+, people with disability, and those facing war and genocide helping them to live with dignity and rights provides worldwide church the visibility.  

The cause of gender justice supported by the worldwide church has made Indian Christian women progressive and especially Act Church of Sweden’s effort to promote women leaders within the church hierarchy and bring an egalitarian leadership model across provides visibility and makes the worldwide church known where I am living.